DIY Nautical “Welcome Aboard” + “Happy Birthday” Mini Banner

Nautical Baby Shower Decor & Inspiration

A Simple, Sweet Mini Banner for Baby Showers and Nautical Themed Parties

Supplies (for 1 banner):

  • 3 sheets of 8.5 x 11 navy blue card stock (#5)
  • 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 red card stock (#5)
  • 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 white matte presentation paper (high quality matte photo paper)
  • a 1/8″ hole punch (#1)
  • a pair of scissors (we like the mini ones in #2)
  • a 1.5″ scalloped circle paper punch (we used a Marvy Uchida – as seen in #3)
  • 1 pack of Therm-O-Web 3d foam squares/circles (or any permanent foam tape – #4)
  • 1 roll of double-stick tape (#6)
  • at least 5 feet of jute, twine, string, or ribbon (we used a thin braided jute – #7)*
  • a color printer
  • a paper trimmer (optional)

Nautical Baby Shower Decor & Inspiration


Download the free printable template by clicking on the link below. (This is free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.)

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  1. Print the letters and anchors on the 8.5 x 11 white presentation paper. (We included some extra letters and sailboat graphics because we hate wasting paper. If you want to make a mini “Thank You” banner to display near your party favors, just print extra sheets of the flags. The letters for THANK YOU! are included on the template.)
  2. Punch the letters and graphics out with the scalloped circle punch.
  3. Print the flags on your colored card stock. You’ll need 3 sheets of one color (we used navy) and 1 sheet of a second color (we used red). Feel free to mix it up with other colors or patterns!Keep in mind there are 6 flags per sheet. So, if you need 13 flags to cover the letters in WELCOME ABOARD (or HAPPY BIRTHDAY), you’ll need 3 sheets. You’ll have extra flags, so don’t freak out prematurely…These flags are double-sided, so if you want to save resources, you can make them single-sided, cut each flag in half, and print half as much.
  4. Cut out your flags using scissors or your paper trimmer.
  5. With your little flags folded in half, punch holes into the top left and right corners. If you have wide ribbon, use a bigger hole punch. Make sure your jute/twine (or whatever you’re using to string through the banner) fits through a 1/8″ hole!
  6. Now it’s time to attach the scalloped circles to the flags using the foam tape. We suggest laying the letters and graphics out in order first…just to make sure you spell everything correctly.
  7. We used a super cute braided jute* to coordinate with the sailing/nautical theme, which worked out great. The only tricky part was keeping the frilling ends under control when we were stringing the flags together.Tip: wrap some scotch tape around the tip of the twine as tightly as possible (like the end of a shoelace). This will make stringing MUCH easier.
  8. Once the flags are strung, you can put a small piece of double-stick tape on the inside of each of the flags to keep them flat. This is optional, of course.
  9. You’re done! Now you have an adorable hanging banner to add to your nautical decor! Easy PEAS-y!

Nautical Baby Shower Decor and Inspiration

Nautical Baby Shower Decor and Inspiration

Ideas for Displaying the Nautical Mini Banner

In the photo above, we didn’t have a wall behind the display table, so we improvised. In addition to making a hanging ribbon backdrop, we put together a little vase ensemble so we could hang the banner.


  • 2 small containers (we used small square glass vases/votives) – although mini buckets would be cute here!
  • white or light-colored sand
  • 2 small blocks of floral foam
  • 2 skewers (the kind for kabobs that you can get at the grocery store)
  • shells for decoration
  • painted nautical wood “ornaments” (we found these at Michaels in the wood supply section)

Nautical Baby Shower Decor and Inspiration

Basic Instructions:

First, we cut out blocks of floral foam to fit into the vases. We left about 1 mm of space between the foam block and the interior walls of the vase so we could pour the sand in and hide the foam. Then we stuck the skewers in. (The foam is key here. If you just stick the skewer in sand, it will not hold up.) Then we poured the sand in. Then we decorated with sea shells and wood pieces!

Make a third vase if you want to hold your banner up in the middle. We taped the center red flag to the ribbon backdrop.


We hope you enjoyed this DIY post! Good luck with your nautical themed party or baby shower!

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3 Responses to DIY Nautical “Welcome Aboard” + “Happy Birthday” Mini Banner

  1. Sona March 21, 2014 at 7:04 pm #

    Hello!! Thanks for the free printable!!! Do you have something similar to this banner that spells out happy birthday on etsy? I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks!!

    • PrettyPeas March 22, 2014 at 11:31 am #

      It’s your lucky day! We’ve uploaded a “Happy Birthday” version for you to use. Have a great party!

      • Sona March 23, 2014 at 10:32 am #

        You guys are awesome!!! Thank you!!!

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