Free Printable Seahawks and Patriots Cupcake Toppers | Super Bowl XLIX

Free Printable | Super Bowl XLIX Cupcake Toppers | Patriots vs. Seahawks

The Super Bowl is upon us! These cupcake toppers have been quite a hit on Pinterest, so I’ve created a new PDF for all you New England fans.

Supplies Needed:

Free Printable | Seattle Seahawks Cupcake Toppers |

Free Printable | New England Patriots Cupcake Toppers

The directions are pretty self-explanatory, but you basically download, print, cut, glue/tape. To attach the “foam fingers” to the toothpicks, I just used a small strip of tape on the back.

To see more of the toppers in action, check out last year’s post HERE.

As always, these are FREE for personal use only and may not be copied, redistributed, or sold.

Happy beer drinking and nacho eating!

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