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Day-of Paper for a “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” Baby Shower

I’m so excited to share the paper (and chalk) details of Megan’s baby shower for her little lady-to-be, Emma. It’s not often that professional photos are taken at smaller parties, so these beautiful images by Amy Gray Photography are such a treat!

Hand-drawn Chalkboard Sign


During the invitation consult, we went to work trying to pin down a theme that could be coupled with soft pinks, creams, and sparkle. I was determined to find a way to incorporate Megan’s love for cooking, but I knew that “bun in the oven” or “she’s about to pop” could only go so far. The next morning, Megan came up with something brilliant: the passage from Psalm 139: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” It was genius! The perfect blend of faith, food, and the miracle of life.

Custom Chalkboard Baby Shower Invitation by Akula Kreative / Pretty Peas Paperie

*Contact info has been changed to protect the client’s privacy*

For the square invitation, we created a chalkboard-inspired look filled to the brim with detail. From herbs and utensils to rattles and diaper pins, the tiny graphics fit together to tell the unique story of these special parents-to-be.

From seeing the photos you may wonder if an event planner was involved, but this was all put together by a dedicated family and a few close friends. In the weeks leading up to the shower, the group was hard at work making fabric banners, tulle table skirts, tissue pom-poms, and even baby clothes!

Soft Pink Details | "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Meanwhile, I was working on the day-of stationery and signage: food labels, drink flags, scroll flags, banners, and chalkboards. One of my favorite “party prepping activities” is coming up with food puns; they’re a great way to remind guests of the theme and add a little humor to the event.

Mini Donuts and Milk | "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Custom Food and Drink Labels "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

How gorgeous is the cake?! This baby shower really could have been an intimate wedding…

Cake "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

And then there are the pretty favors: burlap bags adorned with silk ribbon and sparkly letters…

Burlap Bags with Glitter Letter "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

…plus chocolate-dipped pretzels tied with pink and gold tinsel!

Pretzel Favors "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

The signature drink was, of course, pink lemonade.

Beverage Table "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Little Lady Lemonade, to be exact.

Martini Glass Drink Flags "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

I had so much fun drawing this banner on chalkboard wrapping paper. What a great idea to use it as a photo backdrop!

Hand Drawn Chalkboard Banner "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

And, last but not least, here is a detail of one of the scroll flags, each of which featured a unique pattern. At first glance you might assume they are flowers, but they are actually sprinkle donuts. :)

Custom Printed Party Flags "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Paper details and day-of stationery present the perfect opportunity to add personality to parties, big AND small. For additional photos, please check out Amy Gray’s website at

Congratulations to Megan, the picture-perfect mom-to-be!
And THANK YOU to my wonderful clients for letting me be a part of your celebration!

Tips for Styling a Space on a Budget

Tips for styling a room on a budget!


Just sharing something fun today…

My husband and I just moved to Austin. After we unpacked, I looked around our living room and realized how bland and boring it was. In particular, this spot below the stairs was in need of some personality. So, I updated the room by keeping in mind the things that make stylized rooms on Pinterest look so amazing :: coordinated pops of color.

Mini Makeover on a Budget // How adding a few pops of color can change the personality of a room


I’m nothing close to an interior designer, and this room can’t really compete with some of the fanciness on Pinterest, but this room makes me HAPPY now, and that’s all I care about.

Here are my personal tips for “styling” a room on a budget:


For me, this would be brown, beige, white, light blue, and coral.

USE WHAT YOU HAVE. Books, vases, votives, framed art, etc.

You’d be shocked how much of a difference color coordinating your books can make. :)


After collecting items, I figured out what I still needed: something floral, and paint. I went to the local craft store and bought 1 peony stem, 1 lamb’s ear stem, a wood frame, an over-sized wood ampersand, 2 little bottles of acrylic paint (in blue and coral), and a pack of Command hanging strips. This cost me under $30.

Over the next 3 days, I painted the wood frame, ampersand, and two mini succulent pots. (I also painted a simple watercolor of balloons to tie in the colors one last time.)

Detail // peony inside glass lamp and glass bird votive

Detail // painted ampersand and watercolor


These painted succulent pots are my favorite!

Detail // painted mini succulent pots


Hope this inspires you to give it a try. :)

Creative Inspiration For Your Nautical Birthday Party

It’s always exciting to see what people do with our design templates and how they make it their own. Here is a version for a baby’s 1st birthday party created by Lesley Cheng in the Philippines. We love the added details of the anchor charm, baker’s twine, and extra CRIMPED sail. Thanks for sharing with us, Lesley!!! You really went above and beyond with these invites.

Send us photos of what YOU create with our free templates and we’ll send you a freebie. :)


// Rebecca

DIY halloween décor | pumpkin painting, socal style

DIY Halloween decor, pumpkin painting, chevron


This is how we celebrate fall in the west. :)

We jumped on the pumpkin-painting bandwagon this year, and went to town with the spray paint. Meet Matte Black, Metallic Chrome, and Charlie Brown Chevron:

DIY Halloween decor, pumpkin painting, chevron

Painting pumpkins is waaaay easier than carving them. Even the asymmetrical chevron/zig-zag pattern wasn’t too bad. I just used blue tape to cover the parts I didn’t want painted, then sprayed away.






DIY halloween décor | flameless lantern

cheap and easy DIY Halloween decorations


If you’re looking for a cheap, easy, safe, and last-minute Halloween decoration idea, our flameless lantern is a perfect fit! It looks great in the daytime, spooky in the nighttime, and you can re-purpose it after the holiday is over.

Supplies (for 1 lantern):

  • a glass jar (any size and any shape, as long as you can fit the flameless tea light inside)
  • paint (I used white acrylic paint and chalkboard paint)
  • paintbrush
  • string, twine, or cord (I used a thick twine that is suitable for the outdoors)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a screwdriver
  • a battery-operated tea light (make sure it comes with the battery!)
  • blue tape (the kind you use for painting)
  • sand (optional)

Cost: Since I had all of these supplies at home, this project didn’t cost me anything. If you don’t have a battery-operated tea light, you can buy a “pumpkin light” almost anywhere. If you haven’t seen them, try the grocery store near the pumpkin carving supplies. A hardware supply store will also have them year-round.

cheap and easy Halloween decoration ideas | flameless lantern


  1. Paint the lid of the jar. (I painted mine white.) After it dries, puncture a hole in the center using a screwdriver. (I recommend doing this outside to avoid damaging furniture and whatnot.) If you’re having trouble, hit the top of the screwdriver with a mallet. Next, feed your twine through the hole, then tie a knot on the inside (the “bottom” of the lid). Make it big enough so the knot will stay securely in place once you hang your jar.
  2. (OPTIONAL) Paint the bottom half of the jar with chalkboard paint. You can use blue tape around the center to get a clean line. See our “Chalkboard Paint Tips” below.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Fill the jar partway with sand. (This will allow the top of the tea light “flame” to peek through.)
  4. Place the battery-operated tea light inside the jar.
  5. Tie the twine and lid to a strong tree branch. Screw the jar into the lid, and there you have it: a safe and spooky lantern that won’t catch anything on fire!

When Halloween is over, you can store the tea light, sand, and lid, then use the jar itself as a cute pencil cup or storage container. (I actually made these last year…so all I had to do this year was tie them back up in the tree.)

Helpful Hint :: Do NOT leave these lanterns outside if it rains. The water will seep into the jar and get the tea light wet, rendering it useless.

cheap and easy Halloween decoration ideas | flameless lantern

tips for using chalkboard paint




Sports Themed Baby Shower | Steel Your Heart

sports themed baby shower | steeler football | cupcake topper design

sports themed baby shower | steeler football | steel your heart hershey bar


When my friend Jen came to me for help with a sports-themed (specifically Pittsburgh-Steelers-themed) baby shower, she sounded distraught. The tutu-wearing, fairytale-obsessed Lover of All Things Pink didn’t know where to start for a BOY party. But, a couple days later, she came up with an AMAZING concept for a shower favor: a Hershey bar wrapped in a custom label that says “He’ll steel your heart.” What makes it even more genius is that the HE is exposed in HERSHEY (which, as you may know, is a Pittsburgh claim to fame), leaving the shortened wrapper to finish the thought: “[HE]’LL STEEL YOUR HEART.”

I helped plan a sports-themed baby shower just last year, so I knew making football paraphernalia “baby-friendly” and delicate wasn’t impossible. By starting with the Steelers’ colors: black, blue, yellow, and red, I added a baby blue to soften the color palette. After designing the custom label, I couldn’t help but make some coordinating cupcake toppers. After all, I’ve always wanted to make a mini foam finger. Don’t ask me why.

Work has been insane lately, so hopefully I’ll have some time to post these cupcake toppers to our Etsy shop – customized to your baby’s name and favorite team, of course. :)

Contact Jen the Fairytale Fashionista to plan, style, and coordinate your next kid-friendly bash, OR contact us to design custom paper goods for your next part-ay!

sports themed baby shower | steeler football | cupcake topper design

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