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Custom Wax Seal Graduation Invitation

Custom graduation invitation with wax seal and tea stained paper


Just sharing an invitation we made for a law school grad this past month! As inspiration, the client provided an image of medieval scroll paper and a red wax seal, so to create a unique and authentic look we used hand-tea-stained sheets of paper and printed in all black. Each envelope was sealed with a mixed black-and-bronze wax seal to coordinate with the masculine theme.

This is where we found our supplies ::

Tea-Stained Paper // Tia Zoey

Wax Seal, Glue Gun, and Wax Sticks // Nostalgic Impressions

Envelopes // Paper Source

Free Printable Set of Nautical Gift Tags

Free Printable Nautical Gift Tags // Pretty Peas Paperie


Finally getting around to posting another freebie! With this PDF you can print 8 gift tags per sheet (4 of each design). They’re the perfect finishing touch to a nautical-themed party gift!


…Then print it on high quality matte paper, punch a hole, and thread your ribbon or twine. Enjoy!

*Free for personal use only. This PDF may not be copied, redistributed, or sold.

A Pirate-Princess Baby Shower Invitation

Custom Pirate Princess Baby Shower Invitation


Just sharing a recent custom invitation we designed for a Pirate Princess baby shower

We created the design based on the client’s specifications, then sent it off to our printer. The client—a friend of the parents-to-be—did the assembly herself, including cutting out the custom cloud-shaped labels and individual yellow banners that were attached to the inside flap with foam tape. We love the idea of a Pirate Princess baby shower…so FUN for a mom who loves pirates and doesn’t know the sex of the baby yet. :)

Creative Inspiration For Your Nautical Birthday Party

It’s always exciting to see what people do with our design templates and how they make it their own. Here is a version for a baby’s 1st birthday party created by Lesley Cheng in the Philippines. We love the added details of the anchor charm, baker’s twine, and extra CRIMPED sail. Thanks for sharing with us, Lesley!!! You really went above and beyond with these invites.

Send us photos of what YOU create with our free templates and we’ll send you a freebie. :)


// Rebecca

Fairytale Fashionista | gift certificate for an Enchanted Princess Party

Custom Gift Card Design

Just sharing a fun gift certificate we made for the Fairytale Fashionista last night…

Luxury Gift Certificate Design

Luxury Gift Card Design

The gift certificate has been photo printed on cotton paper and mounted on brocade-patterned card stock that has a lovely, raised, fuzzy texture to it.

This particular Enchanted Princess Party is being donated to a local event, but if you’re interested in your own fabulous fête, visit the FF online :: !

Sports Themed Baby Shower | Steel Your Heart

sports themed baby shower | steeler football | cupcake topper design

sports themed baby shower | steeler football | steel your heart hershey bar


When my friend Jen came to me for help with a sports-themed (specifically Pittsburgh-Steelers-themed) baby shower, she sounded distraught. The tutu-wearing, fairytale-obsessed Lover of All Things Pink didn’t know where to start for a BOY party. But, a couple days later, she came up with an AMAZING concept for a shower favor: a Hershey bar wrapped in a custom label that says “He’ll steel your heart.” What makes it even more genius is that the HE is exposed in HERSHEY (which, as you may know, is a Pittsburgh claim to fame), leaving the shortened wrapper to finish the thought: “[HE]’LL STEEL YOUR HEART.”

I helped plan a sports-themed baby shower just last year, so I knew making football paraphernalia “baby-friendly” and delicate wasn’t impossible. By starting with the Steelers’ colors: black, blue, yellow, and red, I added a baby blue to soften the color palette. After designing the custom label, I couldn’t help but make some coordinating cupcake toppers. After all, I’ve always wanted to make a mini foam finger. Don’t ask me why.

Work has been insane lately, so hopefully I’ll have some time to post these cupcake toppers to our Etsy shop – customized to your baby’s name and favorite team, of course. :)

Contact Jen the Fairytale Fashionista to plan, style, and coordinate your next kid-friendly bash, OR contact us to design custom paper goods for your next part-ay!

sports themed baby shower | steeler football | cupcake topper design

DIY Wrap-Around Nautical Address Labels

DIY Nautical Wrap Around Address Labels


DIY Nautical Wrap Around Address Labels


These Custom DIY Nautical Wrap-Around Address Labels are now available in our Etsy Shop! The printable PDF of labels is customized with your return address. (We can also add your guest addresses for $0.40 each.)

For our FREE *blank* address label template (no return address or guest addresses), click on the link below:

Nautical Wrap-Around Labels

Please remember this is free for personal use only.


  1. After downloading the PDF, print it out on full sheet label paper. (Avery full-sheet labels work great – you can buy them at any office supply store. Our favorite label paper is Spectacle InkJet Crack and Peel from Each sheet will provide 3 wrap-around labels, each approx. 3.5″ x 6″.
  2. Cut out the labels with a paper trimmer, leaving a 1/4″ border around the blue pinstripe.
  3. Add your return address and guest address by hand. (May we suggest using a fun color like red?)
  4. Stick ’em on to your 5″ x 7″ photo mailers!

If you download our free templates, we’d really appreciate it if you liked our Facebook Page! It’s a great place to find news about promos, coupon codes, and giveaways!

DIY Dog Party Hat

DIY Dog Party Hat


Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed dressing things up…my baby brother, my dogs, and now, my husband. :) Today I’m going to share an easy, 10-step project for a dog party hat. I made the first two hats probably 2 years ago. I put them on the dogs as part of a birthday surprise for my husband (then boyfriend). Since then, we’ve broken them out for all sorts of celebrations…

The hats are dog friendly (i.e., shred-proof, soft, and flexible) as well as super easy (and cheap) to make.

Supplies (for 1 dog hat):

  • 1 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of felt (you can buy packs of these at craft stores, WalMart, Target, etc.)
  • a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • a pair of scissors
  • 2 strips of ribbon (each strip should be at least 12″ long, but it depends on the size of your dog)
  • additional scraps of felt (optional)
  • additional ribbon (optional)


DIY Dog Party Hat

1. Start out with 1 sheet of felt.

DIY Dog Party Hat

2. Fold the top right corner down and to the left until the corner meets the bottom.

DIY Dog Party Hat

3. Apply hot glue on the singly-ply part of the sheet.

DIY Dog Party Hat

4. Now, fold over the single-ply strip to seal that side of the sheet. Fold over the small remaining corner (seen in the left photo above). Then trim the open end of the sheet so you’re left with a cone shape.

Tip: If you have a small dog, just cut the cone shorter for a smaller hat. This hat should fit a medium to large dog, anywhere from 50 to 100 lbs.

DIY Dog Party Hat

5. After trimming, you should have your basic hat. If you’re pressed for time, you can simply make a bunch of these in different colors. If not, you can add details and decoration with scraps of ribbon and felt…

DIY Dog Party Hat

6. Here, I added a scrap of pink felt to the top of the hat. Be sure to play around with the placement of the felt before applying your glue.

DIY Dog Party Hat

7. After finishing the pink top, I cut out strips of white felt to add a fringe trim along the bottom.

DIY Dog Party Hat

8. Since you’re dealing with a cone shape, it’s easiest to do the bottom trim in two pieces. Here, I cut out the fringe with a bunch of short vertical cuts. Then I glued the trim to the hat.

DIY Dog Party Hat

9. I’ve been waiting a looong time to use this felt ribbon I bought on sale at Michaels…

DIY Dog Party Hat

10. Last step: glue your strips of ribbon to the inside of the hat. Don’t forget to measure your dog’s head first – make sure your strips of ribbon are long enough.

Here are a couple other polka-dot hats from previous years…

DIY Dog Party Hats

In my experience, dogs keep them on for about 30 seconds while you tell them to stay.
After they get their treat, they usually tilt their heads to make it slide off…
but it’s worth it for the photo opps!

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Welcome to our first DIY Project! (This was first posted in July 2011 on our sister blog at Akula Kreative – hence the smaller photos.)

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation


Here we are going to show you how to make your very own nautical-themed BABY SHOWER INVITATION. (We just made them for a very special friend, so now we get to share the know-how with you!)

Supplies (for 12 invitations):

  • 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 red card stock
  • 3 sheets of 8.5 x 11 white matte presentation paper
  • 3 sheets of 12 x 12 brown card stock (we used Bo Bunny Chocolate Stripe)
  • 6 pieces of 18 gauge floral cloth wire
  • 1 pack of Therm-O-Web 3d foam squares (or any permanent foam tape)
  • 1 roll of double-stick tape
  • 1 roll of red ribbon (we used Celebrate It ribbon from Michaels)
  • a 1.5″ scalloped circle paper punch (we used a Marvy Uchida)
  • a Xyron Create-a-Sticker (optional)
  • a hot glue gun
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pair of wire cutters (optional)
  • a paper trimmer (to make life easier)
  • a color printer
  • 1 white gel pen (we suggest a Uniball Signo – White Pigment Ink UM-153)
    OR Marcelle Script (if you plan on using the MS Word template)


1. First, download the templates by clicking on the links below. (These are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.)

If you download our free templates, we’d really appreciate it if you liked our Facebook Page!

2. Print the sails and anchors on the 8.5 x 11 white presentation paper. Each sheet will provide 4 blue sails and 4 red anchors. Turn your paper over and print the blue dots on the back. We suggest printing photo-quality sheets to keep the color vibrant and the lines crisp.*

With your white gel pen, write the details of your baby shower or event.

NEW! Download the Microsoft Word template and customize your text by clicking on each text box. If you want to use the same script as the example, download Marcelle Script for free HERE and install it before you open the Word doc. Please note that we are providing this file as a courtesy and will not offer technical assistance with software, printing, font installation, etc. Microsoft Word is not design software, but we realize that most people have it and know how to edit this type of file.

Next, cut out each sail with scissors. Stay as close to the outer blue line as possible and be careful to leave a wide border around the anchors.

Using the scalloped circle punch, punch out the red anchors.

3. Cut appropriately-sized flags from the red sheet of card stock. (We didn’t give you a template for this one because we figured this one was pretty easy.)

4. Print the boat outlines on your 12 x 12 brown cardstock. Each sheet will provide 5 boats. Using a paper trimmer, make horizontal cuts to divide the sheet into 5 long strips. (Feel free to cut each out by hand, but this is a shortcut.) Then, fold each boat in half down the center of the strip. Keep the fold on the left-hand side. Trim the sides of the folded boat with scissors.

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

5. Next, cut your floral wire. (Wire cutters make this easier, but you can use a good pair of scissors if you don’t have any.) Each piece of wire should be about 7.5″ long. The floral wire we used was long enough to get 2 “masts” out of each piece. While you’re at it, you can also cut your strips of ribbon. Each strip should be 6″ long.

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

6. Now it’s time to glue your flag and sail to the floral wire. Before you do anything permanent, try lining everything up so you can get an idea of where you need to apply the glue. After your glue is HOT, apply a thin line at the top of the floral wire. Attach your red flag. Next, apply a second thin line of glue on the back of the sail, near the top. Do the same near the bottom of the sail. Place the paper sail on top of the wire and press down quickly to make sure it sticks!

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Optional: curl the top and bottom of the sail around the wire.

7. With your brown boat opened (so the side with the stripes is facing down), place the wire/sail/flag inside. Make sure everything is lined up properly. Keep the wire in place with 2 strips of double-stick tape. Add more tape around the edges of the boat.

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Close up the boat neatly so the edges line up.

8. There are several ways to stick the ribbon on, but our favorite method uses the Xyron Create-a-Sticker. (We used the 1.5″ mini version.) Hot glue and double-stick tape works, too. Using the Xyron, put two 6″ strips of ribbon through the machine. Peel and stick along the top edge of the boat. Trim the excess ribbon.

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

9a. Apply one 0.5″ x 0.5″ foam square on the back of the punched-out anchor.

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

9b. Stick it on the boat. Keep it straight-up or give it a tilt…whatever you prefer.

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

And voila! A lovely, one-of-a-kind invite to wow your guests!

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

DIY Nautical Baby Shower Invitation


We mailed these out this June using 5 x 7 photo mailers. (You can find these at Staples or any other office supply store.) Each mailer required $1.08 to mail within the U.S. (Double-check with your local post office before dropping them in a mailbox – chances are, postage rates have increased.) We also made custom wrap-around labels and business-card size inserts with the Guest of Honor’s registry info.

we hope you enjoyed this post!

We’d LOVE to see the invites you make. Send us pictures and we’ll post them on our Facebook page!

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