What's the difference between Pretty Peas Paperie and Akula Kreative?

GOOD. QUESTION. Akula Kreative is my branding and design business, and Pretty Peas is my personal paper playground. In 2008, I ventured out on my own and started a sole proprietorship for graphic and web design called Akula Kreative. In the beginning, my job was no different from a freelancer’s: I took jobs as they came and my workload was random and sporadic. Eventually, work was steady enough that I could afford a real office, an assistant, and the opportunity to focus on what I love: small business branding and luxe print design. Shortly after starting Akula Kreative, however, I STILL had an itch to be creative in a different, more personal way. To experiment with paper, stamp, doodle, paint, and share my artistic experiments. Enter: Pretty Peas Paperie.

Do you personalize the party printables from your blog?

I love planning creative parties. Please contact me and check my availability. Priority always goes to my branding clients, BUT, if I’m available I’d be happy to design something custom for your special event! I do recommend planning ahead (like 4-8 weeks out); the longer I have to get something done, the more likely I’ll be able to add it to my schedule.

What ink pads do you use for stamping?

HERE is a list I made of my favorite stamping supplies.

How do I care for my clear stamps?

Our clear stamps have been produced using high quality, “yellow-resistant” photopolymer. They will adhere to any smooth surface without adhesive so you can reposition or remove your stamps as needed.

If a stamp loses its self-sticking properties, it can be washed with water and mild soap then dried with a paper towel.

To prevent yellowing, do not leave the stamp exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Store in a dry, shaded environment.

If you want to keep your stamp “shiny and new,” we recommend cleaning it after each use. Option 1: Gently scrub the mounted stamp with a soft-bristled toothbrush—an old one works just fine—using water and mild soap or baking powder, then rinse and pat dry with a paper or lint-free towel. (I personally use white cloth napkins I bought in a multi-pack at Target.) Option 2: Use Spritzer Rubber Stamp Cleaner. I spray once or twice directly on the stamp, brush, then rinse under a light stream of cold water and dry.

*  *  *  WARNING!  *  *  *

ColorBox CHALK Fluid Inkpads and Craft Smart Dye Ink Pads will stain your clear stamps. They won’t make them unusable, but they will give them a color tint that won’t wash off.

My impression looks blobby. Any tips for a clear, crisp impression?

Our clear stamp does not require a lot of ink to make an impression. Gently press or “blot” the stamp into your ink pad a few times until the image is fully covered. (Be extra gentle if you’re using a soft and squishy ink pad rather than a firm one.) Place your material (paper, tape, fabric, ribbon, etc.) on a hard, flat, and stable surface, then stamp. Apply even pressure over the center and corners. If your image looks messy (or blobby) it probably means you’re pressing too hard OR you’re not using the right ink and paper combination. For tips, check out My Favorite Stamping Supplies.

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