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Mini Potted Succulent [pinit]


Last week, two of our design clients celebrated the launch of their new book Inspired Celebrations. Since one is a talented photographer and the other a creative events planner, I knew beautiful flowers were nothing new to them. So, I ventured out to look for an alternative. I knew ChicWeed on Cedros would pull through for me, and it did! After hunting down these two mini clay vessels, I asked ChicWeed to fill them with succulents. Perfect! An eco-friendly, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain botanical gift!

If you already own succulents at home, here are some tips to make a mini potted arrangement like this:

  1. After finding a container, check to see if it has drainage holes. If it does, great. If it doesn't, I recommend putting a few small rocks at the bottom. Stack them on top of each other to create a space at the bottom for water to drain so it doesn't saturate the plants.
  2. Fill the container with "cactus dirt." You can find this almost anywhere. Basically, you don't want the dirt to hold moisture for too long.
  3. Gather some clippings from your succulents.
  4. Remove some of the lower stems (even if they're healthy), then arrange them in the dirt, making sure the recently-removed parts are now tucked in soil. New roots will form from these parts.
  5. Optional: put some small garden pebbles around the pot, covering the dirt. This will help keep everything in place and make your arrangement look nice and neat.
  6. Water the plant with about 2 tablespoons of water. Less water is ok - just be careful not to over-water!
  7. Water your potted succulents no more than once per week, and make sure they get some sun. Different succulents have different requirements in terms of sunlight, so keep that in mind.

Mini Potted Succulent

Of course, I had to include a I made a mini paper flag.

Mini Potted Succulent

Isn't this translucent peach succulent amazing?!

Mini Potted Succulent

Congratulations to our friends Caroline & Ngoc!


Learn how to throw your own inspired celebrations by checking out their book! I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!

Inspired Celebrations


Watching this video will make you want the book even more...


Inspired Celebrations // The Journey from RainbowFish on Vimeo.