How I Turned My Instagram Photos into Business Cards

How I Turned My Instagram Photos into Business Cards

Makers and Instagram Lovers, rejoice! If you don't know about Moo's Printfinity, you're missing out. Moo offers beautiful, affordable business cards with an incredible format for showcasing creative work.


Printfinity is a business card format in which you can print up to 50 unique images on the backs of your business cards. It's perfect for photographers, artists, and makers who want to share a body of work.


First, you choose your business card size. Then, you choose your design option.


To design your own using Moo's layouts and editing tool, click "Make."

To upload your complete design in .gif, .png, .jpg, or .pdf format, click "Upload." (See top left card above for the design I uploaded.)


On the front, you lay out your contact info. (This stays the same for your entire pack.) On the back, you can upload up to FIFTY (50!) different images.

If you post regularly to Instagram, then guess already have a portfolio! All you have to do is save the images at the highest resolution to your computer, then upload them to Moo. (I use the somewhat archaic method of emailing myself 2-3 photos at a time because my phone is old.)

Here's what I love about these business cards:

  1. THE FORMAT. • I have the opportunity to highlight new designs and give customers ideas for how to use my products. (The more useful your business card is, the more likely someone is to keep it.) • I can capture the variety of products I make and share my process. • My pack of cards doubles as a mini, portable portfolio.
  2. THE QUALITY. • Paper selection is minimal—you can only choose between "Moo Original Paper" and "Moo Green Paper"—but it's nice. (I work with a LOT of expensive paper, and I honestly really like this stuff. Even the recycled "Green" option is great. It's smooth, with enough weight to give it that high quality feel.) • Moo does a fine job with the digital printing. My images came out clean and crisp.
  3. THE PRICE. • Moo business cards start at $19.99 for 50 cards ($0.40 each). It's not the cheapest option around, but it's affordable. It's all about finding the best quality at the best price for your brand and the products/services you sell.

Give customers a reason to hold on to your card and look forward to their next purchase! You can even start a frenzy and encourage them to Collect Them All!


Moo is offering 25% off EVERYTHING until tonight. (That's why I'm writing this post now. BTW, I haven't been paid to say this. I just really like their product and want to share it with you because it's a great resource for creatives.)


If you miss the sale, you can use my referral discount of 10% below. (Pssst. You can save more if you sign up for their email list and wait for a bigger discount!)

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I hope this was helpful! For the latest and greatest, follow me on Instagram!