DIY Mini Potted Paper Cactus

DIY [ mini ] Paper Potted Cactus |

I don't know why I didn't make one of these sooner because it's AH-dorable! And, like all my other faux cacti and succulents, it's quite impossible to kill.

Wanna make one for yourself? Keep reading!

DIY [ mini ] Paper Potted Cactus |

Supplies Needed:

How to Make a Mini Potted Paper Cactus:

1. Start by stamping your cactus pieces—I call them "petals"—on the thick white paper. 


2. Next, cut them out. (If you want them to be double-sided, stamp the backs. Luckily, a clear stamp will make this easy!)

DIY [ mini ] Potted Paper Cactus |

3. Now it's time to prep your "soil." Turn the wood pot upside down and trace around it on your piece of brown cardboard. Cut out the circle, but make it a little bit smaller than what you traced. Finally, cut a straight line in the center with your X-acto knife.


4. Push the cardboard circle down into your pot, then stick one of the cactus pieces in. This is the base of your cactus!


5. Cut narrow slits into your remaining cactus pieces. (Don't make them too wide or your pieces won't fit together.)


6. Last step: arrange your cactus, then step back and admire your work. (If you make one, please share it with us on Instagram by tagging @prettypeaspaperie! I'd love to see what you make.)

DIY [ mini ] Potted Paper Cactus |