Stamp Pad Comparison | VersaFine vs. Memento

My two favorite black stamp pads are VersaFine Pigment Ink for Fine Details and Memento Fade-Resistant Dye Ink. I use both on a daily basis, depending on my project. If you're trying to decide on a stamp pad, check out my comparison below!

VersaFine PROS (+):

  • Dark, solid ink coverage on almost all surfaces, including matte paper, card stock, watercolor paper, muslin bags, and more.
  • Works great for detailed and "inverted" designs (solid shapes that have text or designs subtracted from them).
  • Firm pad makes for a relatively neat process. (The squishy foam pads typical of other pigment inks tend to get ink on parts of your stamp that shouldn't be inked.)

VersaFine CONS (-):

  • More expensive ($9-10).
  • Slightly sticky - you have to be a little more careful using this pad.
  • Ink may be harder to get off if you don't clean your stamp after each use.

Memento PROS (+):

  • A great everyday stamp pad. Best for smooth, matte paper and card stock. I use this pad for stamping shipping labels.
  • Firm pad makes for a quick and neat process.
  • Easily washes off clear photopolymer and rubber stamps.

Memento CONS (-):

  • Coverage is not completely solid and tiny details may be lose definition. (If you want a vintage, textured look, this obviously isn't a con.)
  • Ink will bleed on porous surfaces like fabric and wood.
  • Tuxedo Black has a slightly faded quality to it. (This isn't noticeable unless you compare it directly with the Onyx Black of VersaFine.)


Notice the solid vs. textured appearance? Both are great - just depends on what you want!


The texture of the paper comes through even more with Memento ink in this example.


VersaFine tends to fill those tiny cracks more...making for a darker, more precise impression.


Which stamp works best for muslin bags?

When it comes to stamping something super textured like a muslin bag, VersaFine is my fave. You really can't beat that impression!

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Introducing...Wood-Mounted Stamps with Handles!

Made with love in Austin, Texas // Pretty Peas Paperie Happy Thursday, folks! I'd like to introduce you to my new friend :: Mr. Wood-Wounted, Red Rubber Stamp (with a handle!). Though we'll continue to focus on clear rubber stamps, I decided it was time to branch out. Just a little. When packaging orders, I've found that having to use two hands to stamp "DO NOT BEND" slows the fulfillment process. Don't get me wrong...a perfectly-placed impression on, let's say, a business card, is totally worth the time. Some projects, on the other hand, just need to get done. Plus, there's something supremely satisfying about slamming a "PAID" stamp onto invoices. :)

Above, you'll see a sample of the new wood-mounted stamp, along with one of my new FAVORITE stamp pads. Both will be available for purchase during our next shop, so click HERE to find out how not to miss it!