DIY sushi roll costume for pets | bearded dragon

DIY pet sushi roll costume, lizard, bearded dragon [pinit]


Sooo, I may have gotten carried away with the Halloween DIY this year, BUT I still love this. After making one of these for our dog, I decided to make a *mini* version for our bearded dragon. (She was in a bad mood because the dog was staring at her, so we only left it on for a few minutes.)

Supplies (for 1 mini salmon sushi roll costume):

  • 3 small pieces of felt: black, white, and orange
  • 12 inches of peach ribbon (I used velvet ribbon)
  • a pair of scissors
  • thread
  • a needle
  • hot glue gun (and a hot glue stick)
  • cotton or synthetic stuffing (cotton balls would also work)


  1. Trim all of your felt pieces so that they fit your animal: 1 long black piece for the seaweed, 2 rectangular orange pieces for the salmon, and 2 rectangular white pieces for the rice. The black piece should be wide enough to go around their middle (with space to spare). You basically make two felt pillows for the rice layer and salmon layer, so measure accordingly. Keep in mind the rice and salmon pillows should be wider than the seaweed.
  2. Stitch 3 of the 4 edges together on the pillows, then stuff them. Sew up the opening.
  3. Decide how you want to place the ribbon over the orange pillow, then trim into 4 pieces. Attach the ribbon with hot glue. Be sure to glue all the way to the edges. Trim the excess ribbon.
  4. (OPTIONAL) I stitched the two pillows together to flatten them a bit. This helped them stay on her back.
  5. Since this is only a temporary costume, I wrapped the black felt around her belly with the pillows on top. It stayed on long enough for a few photos. (If you have trouble keeping it on there, try tying a soft piece of black yarn around the sushi roll.)

*No animals were harmed in the making of this costume. :) DO NOT keep this on your small pet/reptile for more than a few minutes, and keep an eye on them the whole time.