Sports Themed Baby Shower | Steel Your Heart

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When my friend Jen came to me for help with a sports-themed (specifically Pittsburgh-Steelers-themed) baby shower, she sounded distraught. The tutu-wearing, fairytale-obsessed Lover of All Things Pink didn't know where to start for a BOY party. But, a couple days later, she came up with an AMAZING concept for a shower favor: a Hershey bar wrapped in a custom label that says "He'll steel your heart." What makes it even more genius is that the HE is exposed in HERSHEY (which, as you may know, is a Pittsburgh claim to fame), leaving the shortened wrapper to finish the thought: "[HE]'LL STEEL YOUR HEART."

I helped plan a sports-themed baby shower just last year, so I knew making football paraphernalia "baby-friendly" and delicate wasn't impossible. By starting with the Steelers' colors: black, blue, yellow, and red, I added a baby blue to soften the color palette. After designing the custom label, I couldn't help but make some coordinating cupcake toppers. After all, I've always wanted to make a mini foam finger. Don't ask me why.

Work has been insane lately, so hopefully I'll have some time to post these cupcake toppers to our Etsy shop - customized to your baby's name and favorite team, of course. :)

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sports themed baby shower | steeler football | cupcake topper design