Day-of Paper for a "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" Baby Shower

I'm so excited to share the paper (and chalk) details of Megan's baby shower for her little lady-to-be, Emma. It's not often that professional photos are taken at smaller parties, so these beautiful images by Amy Gray Photography are such a treat! Hand-drawn Chalkboard Sign




During the invitation consult, we went to work trying to pin down a theme that could be coupled with soft pinks, creams, and sparkle. I was determined to find a way to incorporate Megan's love for cooking, but I knew that "bun in the oven" or "she's about to pop" could only go so far. The next morning, Megan came up with something brilliant: the passage from Psalm 139: "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." It was genius! The perfect blend of faith, food, and the miracle of life.

Custom Chalkboard Baby Shower Invitation by Akula Kreative / Pretty Peas Paperie


*Contact info has been changed to protect the client's privacy*

For the square invitation, we created a chalkboard-inspired look filled to the brim with detail. From herbs and utensils to rattles and diaper pins, the tiny graphics fit together to tell the unique story of these special parents-to-be.


From seeing the photos you may wonder if an event planner was involved, but this was all put together by a dedicated family and a few close friends. In the weeks leading up to the shower, the group was hard at work making fabric banners, tulle table skirts, tissue pom-poms, and even baby clothes!

Soft Pink Details | "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Meanwhile, I was working on the day-of stationery and signage: food labels, drink flags, scroll flags, banners, and chalkboards. One of my favorite "party prepping activities" is coming up with food puns; they're a great way to remind guests of the theme and add a little humor to the event.

Mini Donuts and Milk | "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Custom Food and Drink Labels "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

How gorgeous is the cake?! This baby shower really could have been an intimate wedding...

Cake "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

And then there are the pretty favors: burlap bags adorned with silk ribbon and sparkly letters...

Burlap Bags with Glitter Letter "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower chocolate-dipped pretzels tied with pink and gold tinsel!

Pretzel Favors "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

The signature drink was, of course, pink lemonade.

Beverage Table "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Little Lady Lemonade, to be exact.

Martini Glass Drink Flags "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

I had so much fun drawing this banner on chalkboard wrapping paper. What a great idea to use it as a photo backdrop!

Hand Drawn Chalkboard Banner "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

And, last but not least, here is a detail of one of the scroll flags, each of which featured a unique pattern. At first glance you might assume they are flowers, but they are actually sprinkle donuts. :)

Custom Printed Party Flags "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [from scratch]" Baby Shower

Paper details and day-of stationery present the perfect opportunity to add personality to parties, big AND small. For additional photos, please check out Amy Gray's website at

Congratulations to Megan, the picture-perfect mom-to-be! And THANK YOU to my wonderful clients for letting me be a part of your celebration!

Fairytale Fashionista | gift certificate for an Enchanted Princess Party

Custom Gift Card Design Just sharing a fun gift certificate we made for the Fairytale Fashionista last night...

Luxury Gift Certificate Design

Luxury Gift Card Design

The gift certificate has been photo printed on cotton paper and mounted on brocade-patterned card stock that has a lovely, raised, fuzzy texture to it.

This particular Enchanted Princess Party is being donated to a local event, but if you're interested in your own fabulous fête, visit the FF online :: !

DIY Ribbon Wand

DIY Ribbon Wand [pinit]


In this post, I'll show you how to make a Fairytale Fashionista ribbon wand...perfect for girly-girls young and old.


Fairytale Fashionista

logo and branding by our sister company, Akula Kreative

If you want to see the ribbon wands in action, check out the Fairytale Fashionista tent at San Diego KidsFest this weekend!


DIY Ribbon Wand | Supplies

Supplies (for 10 ribbon wands):

  • a pack of 10 wooden dowels (available at Michaels and other craft stores)
  • 10 screw eyes (I used a 14-piece pack of 7/8" Ace Hardware brand medium screw eyes)
  • a can of silver spray paint (I used Ace Hardware brand chrome aluminum Premium Enamel)
  • lots and lots of ribbon (I used 7 yards total of 6 types of ribbon per wand) Tip 1: Use a variety of widths, textures, and colors of ribbon, but don't get any more than 7/8" wide. Tip 2: The longest strand in this wand is 1 yard; you can make yours shorter if it's for a small child, or up to 5' if it's for an adult.
  • a small bottle of fray check (optional)
  • 2 reused paper bags from the grocery store and a pair of scissors (optional)
  • a roll of blue tape (optional)
  • a brick of floral foam (optional)
  • a small container (optional)


Cost: I used a lot of high quality ribbon for these wands, so the unit cost came out to a little over $4 each (not including sales tax). (I also bought the ribbon at a wholesale warehouse, so $20 is on the cheap side for 70+ yards of double-faced satin and other specialty types.) If you need to bring the cost down, I recommend using only 2 or 3 1-yard strands of ribbon per wand.



1. PREP: Before painting, I cut up 2 paper bags to use them as a spraying surface in the backyard. Once flattened, I taped them to the ground with strips of blue tape to prevent them from blowing away.

DIY Ribbon Wand

2. To hold the dowels up, I prepared a container using an old glass vase (something heavy like this works best) and a brick of floral foam. I trimmed the foam so that it would fit snugly in the vase, then I stuck the dowels in (see above).

DIY Ribbon Wand

3. Follow the directions on your can of spray paint. In my case, I had to spray 6-8 inches from the dowels and let them dry at least 25 minutes before flipping them over to paint the other ends. I let them dry for over an hour before handling them.

DIY Ribbon Wand

4. While you're waiting, cut the strands of ribbon. I used 7 strands of ribbon per wand, each 1 yard in length.

DIY Ribbon Wand

5. Once the dowels are dry, it's time to put the screw eyes in. You can do this by simply twisting them into the ends of your dowels. I twisted until I couldn't go in any further; as long as it feels secure and you can tug on the screw without it moving, it should be good to go. If you want to make them super secure, you can apply a dab of craft glue on to the tip of the screw.

Optional step: apply fray check to the ends of the ribbon. (I happened to skip this step because I didn't find it necessary.)

DIY Ribbon Wand

6. Last step: Tie the ribbons on! I created a variety of lengths by tying the strands at different points, but you can do whatever you want. If you want the wand to flow like that of a rhythmic gymnast, keep them long. If you want a pom-pom, keep them short. Or, do a variety!

DIY Ribbon Wand